Girls frontline oath certificate

How do I get GFL oath?

OATH. When your T-Doll’s affection reaches 100, a small heart symbol will appear on her card. You’ll also have the choice to carry out an OATH with her. Tap the button with the ring symbol next to the affection meter.

What is Frontline oath for girls?

Released on September 23rd 2016 with a corresponding Affection System, The OATH Mark System allows commanders to initiate OATH with a T-Doll once her affection is at 100 points.

How do you get the black card girls frontline?

Black Cards: When giving a costume to a T-doll who already owns the costume, you will be given a black ticket. (Basically an exchange system for getting duplicate costumes.) Roll x1/x11: For the current gacha set, you can use 10 coins to roll once or 100 coins to roll 11 times.

How do you level up in frontline for girls?

Begin by deploying the Echelon that needs to be leveled on whichever Heliport or Command Post with more enemies nearby. Deploy the extra team on another Heliport or the Command Post. Use a few Action Points to have your leveling team attack enemy units. Be sure to save enough Action Points to get back to the Heliport.

How do I get frontline tokens for girls?

Procurement Tokens can be purchased in the Shop with in-game diamond currency or obtained via certain Quests or Logistic Support. Daily login rewards and some special events may also give out tokens.

How do girls get furniture in frontline?

Furniture is the only way to increase comfort level in the dorm; the higher the comfort, the more energy is produced, and the more affection that the T-Dolls get if you “tap” their hearts daily. The only way to get furniture is to use the [Resupply] mechanic, which allows the player to get more furniture.

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What is corpse dragging?

“Corpse Dragging” refers to completing a stage with minimum resources spent. Efficiently gaining experiences and ‘cores’ or ‘equipment’ as reward.

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