Kansas resale certificate

How do I get a resale certificate in Kansas?

How to fill out the Kansas Resale Exemption Certificate – Form ST-28A

  1. Step 1 – Begin by downloading the Kansas Resale Exemption Certificate Form ST-28A.
  2. Step 2 – Identify the seller’s name, business address, Sales Tax Registration Number and a general description of what products or services the business sells.

How do I get a resale certificate for my business?

The basic steps for applying for a reseller permit include:

  1. Obtain the application from the appropriate state department. …
  2. Organize the information and documents you need to complete the application. …
  3. Submit the fee for obtaining your reseller certificate. …
  4. Find out if and when you need to renew your reseller permit.

Do Kansas resale certificates expire?

On November 1, 2014, the sales tax exemption certificate issued by the Kansas Department of Revenue will expire. The certificates will need to be renewed on the department’s website. The renewal process will be available after June 16th. The new certificates have an expiration date of October 1, 2020.

Who qualifies for resale certificate?

A resale certificate is a document proving that you are a legitimate retailer or purchaser and are buying products to either resell or use as component parts of products you plan to resell. To use a resale certificate, you generally need to be registered to collect sales tax in at least one US state.

How do I get a Kansas sales tax number?

To get started, choose the link titled “Register Now” on the website. This will take you to a screen where you will create login information. Once you create the user name and password, Kansas will send you an email. Follow the prompts from the email to apply for your sales tax permit.

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How often do you have to update tax exempt forms?

However, as a best practice we suggest updating certificates every three to four years. We believe this is important because a lot can change in 3-4 years.

How do I become a brand reseller?

How to become a reseller

  1. Register as a reseller with The Reseller Network. It’s free and takes only a minute to enter your details and access a wealth of opportunities which could increase your revenue.
  2. Find the right product. …
  3. Find the right Merchant. …
  4. Agree terms & begin selling.

Are resellers tax exempt?

Generally, resellers to do pay sales tax when they purchase the items, but must collect sales tax when those items are sold to the end user. … Resale exemptions, which are usually in the form of a resale certificate, allow your customer to acquire property tax-free if it will later be resold.

How do I get a sales tax exempt number?

  1. Contact your state’s Department of Revenue and request an application for a sales tax certificate of exemption.
  2. Determine which type of tax exemption you or your organization needs. …
  3. Read the instructions attached to the form.

Is Kansas tax exempt?

organization is automatically exempt from sales tax. Only the entities listed under Kansas sales tax statutes are exempt from paying Kansas sales tax on their direct purchases when the appropriate exemption certificate is completed and provided to the retailer.

What is exempt from sales tax in Kansas?

Electricity, gas and water consumed during manufacturing are exempt from the Kansas sales tax (K.S.A. … Sales of installation, repair and maintenance services performed on such machinery and equipment. Sales of repair and replacement parts for such machinery and equipment.

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Does Kansas accept out of state resale certificates?

Kansas is very specific about how out-of-state retailers (i.e. retailers not registered to collect sales tax in Kansas) should use a resale certificate. … Instead, you should present your vendor the Kansas Multi-Jurisdiction Exemption Certificate.

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