Awhonn fetal monitoring certificate

How do I get certified for fetal monitoring?

Certification in Electronic Fetal Monitoring (C-EFM®) This certification is offered with Computer Testing at a Computer Test Center. For a limited time only, it will also be offered through Live Remote Proctoring (LRP).

Does Awhonn fetal monitoring expire?

Certification credentials expire after a predetermined time period set by the certifying organization. Clinicians must comply with criteria for recertification if they choose to maintain their certified status. Clinicians should check with their original certifying organization for recertification/renewal criteria.

How do I become an Awhonn fetal monitor instructor?

The minimum requirements for participating in this course include:

  1. Current AWHONN membership.
  2. Successful completion of the current Intermediate Fetal Monitoring Course within 3 years previous to the Intermediate Instructor Course.
  3. Minimum of 2 years recent direct clinical experience in fetal monitoring.

What is intermediate fetal monitoring?

AWHONN’s Intermediate Fetal Heart Monitoring Course is a two-day Instructor-led educational experience taught at locations across the U.S. The course is presented to over 15,000 clinicians a year and may be used as a competency assessment to validate the knowledge and skills of perinatal clinicians who use fetal …

How does electronic fetal monitoring work?

How is electronic fetal monitoring performed? Electronic fetal monitoring uses special equipment to measure the response of the fetus’s heart rate to contractions of the uterus. It provides an ongoing record that can be read.

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