Change name on birth certificate illinois

How do I change my child’s last name on birth certificate in Illinois?

Obtain and complete the following forms:

  1. Petition for Name Change (Minor) (171-113 Rev 2/02) (2 copies required)
  2. Name Change Decree (171-110 Rev 10/05) (3 copies required)
  3. Notice of Motion (171-91 Rev 04/06) (3 copies required). …
  4. Notice of Publication (171-244 Rev 8/11) (2 copies required).

How do I change my baby’s name on birth certificate?

Steps to change name in birth certificate:

  1. Step 1: Obtain ‘Birth Certificate Update/correction Form’ the municipal corporation office or gram panchayat where your child took birth.
  2. Step 2: Obtain an affidavit from local notary and approach the officer regarding change of name in the birth certificate.

How do you add the father’s name to a birth certificate in Illinois?

Regardless of whether the mother objects, once the father has obtained a Court Order of Paternity establishing that he is the biological father, he can submit a certified copy of the order along with an an Affidavit and Certificate of Correction Request form to the Illinois Department of Public Health.

How do you change your name after marriage in Illinois?

How to Change a Name After a Marriage in Illinois

  1. Obtain an application for a new social security card. …
  2. Gather the required documents. …
  3. Complete the application. …
  4. Locate the nearest driving facility. …
  5. Gather the required documents. …
  6. Fill out the application for a new driver’s license.

How much does it cost to change a child’s last name in Illinois?

A certified copy of the Order for Change of Name ( Minor Children); A copy of your child’s original birth certificate , and. A money order for $15.00 made out to Illinois Department of Public Health.

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Can I change my child’s last name without father’s consent in Illinois?

Notice to the other parent of a child’s name change is only required when the other parent does not agree to the name change. If the other parent agrees to the name change, he or she can sign the Request for Name Change form in order to waive the notice requirement.

How long do you have to change a babies name?

six to twelve months

How can I change my name in birth certificate online?

STEP 1: To change the name on your birth certificate online, download the online form here. STEP 2: Get the ‘Birth Certificate Update/correction Form’ from the Municipal Corporation Office or the Gram Panchayat in the vicinity of where the birth took place.

How can I correct my date of birth?

To change the birth date on your birth certificate, send a request to the courthouse or vital records office of the state you were born in. Each state may have a slightly different process for changing information on the certificate, so pay close attention to the steps provided by the government office.

How long does a father have to establish paternity in Illinois?

Paternity suits to establish the existence of the father-child relationship may be filed until the child turns 20 years old. Actions to declare the non-existence of a parent-child relationship must be filed within two years after the father obtains knowledge of the relevant facts.

How do I get my Illinois birth certificate?

State Access to Birth Certificates: Birth records can be obtained online, by mail, fax, and in person from the Illinois Department of Public Health – Vital Records, 605 West Jefferson St. Springfield, Illinois 62702-5097 217-782-6553.

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How do I get a copy of my voluntary Acknowledgement of paternity in Illinois?

HFS 3416B (R-4-17) To request a certified copy of the VAP go to and complete and follow instructions on HFS 3416H, Request for a Certified copy of the Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity and/or Denial of Parentage. father’s name will not be placed on the birth certificate.

How long does a name change take in Illinois?

8 weeks

How much does a name change cost in Illinois?

A certified copy of the Order for Name Change ( Adult ), A money order for $15.00 made out to Illinois Department of Public Health, and. Your date of birth and place of birth.

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