How To Get A Paraprofessional Certificate?

What are the Steps I Need to Take to Get My Paraprofessional License?

  1. Possess an associate’s degree or higher in any field from an institution of higher education that is approved by the GaPSC
  2. Have completed two years’ worth of college coursework (60 semester hours) at a level that is beyond the remedial level at an authorized school that is approved by the GaPSC and earned a grade of ″C″ or above

What are the requirements to become a paraprofessional?

In order to provide instructional assistance while working directly under the supervision of an appropriately certified teacher, paraprofessionals are required to have earned a minimum of 60 college credit hours, passed either the ParaPro Assessment (administered prior to September 23, 2013) or the Paraprofessional Assessment (administered on or after September 23, 2013), or both.

Are paraprofessional and teaching certificates the same?

In the United States, certifications for both teaching and paraprofessional work can be obtained through state regulating bodies, which are frequently interchangeable depending on the state.It is a requirement of the federal law known as ″No Child Left Behind″ that states establish suitable criteria for the certification of paraprofessionals who work in schools that are eligible to receive Title I funding.

When do you have to take the paraprofessional assessment?

(on or after September 23, 2013) in order to be able to give educational support while working directly under the supervision of a teacher who is adequately trained. Individuals who wish to work in Title I schools as teaching assistants must also pass the Paraprofessional Assessment in order to be eligible for employment in these schools.

How do I obtain a paraprofessional license in the state of Illinois?

Visit the website and at the top center click on System Quick Links –> ELIS: Educator Licensure Information System –> EDUCATOR ACCESS –> PARAPROCESSIONAL LICENSE.This will allow you to receive a Paraprofessional License in the state of Illinois.Sign in to your ELIS account by clicking here —> PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE ELIS SYSTEM FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME (right side of the screen).

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What do you need to be a paraprofessional in California?

  1. Requirements for Paraprofessionals Under Title I Diploma from an accredited high school or its equivalent, and
  2. 48 units equivalent to two years of college study, or
  3. A Bachelor’s degree or higher (or both), or
  4. Successfully complete a regional test demonstrating one’s knowledge and ability to act as an instructional assistant
  5. There is a possibility that some work criteria will be imposed by local educational agencies

What is a paraprofessional certificate in Texas?

They are typically referred to as educational aids at the schools located in the state of Texas.Paraprofessionals are certified by the school district in which they work in order to give support to kids with special needs.Paraprofessionals work in schools.In order to earn a paraprofessional certificate in the state of Texas, they are required to fulfill a variety of state and federal standards.

Where can I take the paraprofessional test in Georgia?

GACE Testing Locations for the Paraprofessional Examination

Test Site Name Address
Atlanta Technical College – Clayton County 485 Atlanta South Parkway Room S1024 Atlanta, GA 30349
Berrien County Schools 810 S. Dogwood Drive P.O. Box 625 Nashville, GA 31639
Candler County Board of Education 210 South College Street Metter, GA 30439

Where can I take the paraprofessional test in Florida?

The online version of the ParaPro Assessment may be taken at the Testing Center of Orange Technical College, which can be found on the Mid-Florida Campus at 2900 W. Oakridge Road, Building 300. For further information, please contact us at (407) 251-6000 extension 702-2631.

How much do paraprofessionals make in California?

In the state of California, the hourly wage for a paraprofessional is typically around $18.72. 1,300 wages were recorded, and the most recent update was on May 12, 2022.

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How do you pass the paraprofessional test?

Assessment strategies for the ParaPro certification

  1. BEFORE you go ahead and take the test, familiarize yourself with it.
  2. READ the instructions with great attention
  3. CONSIDER each of the available options for an answer before selecting one
  4. PACE your activities.
  5. A GUESS is preferable to not responding at all.
  6. MARK your responses in an unambiguous way, and provide only one answer per question

How do I get my paraprofessional certificate in Texas?

How Do I Get a Certification as a Paraprofessional in the State of Texas?

  1. Have a minimum of two years of college under your belt or a degree equivalent to that of an associate’s degree
  2. You must pass a test that demonstrates that you are equipped to assist pupils in developing their reading, writing, and mathematical skills

How much does a paraprofessional make in Texas?

Even though ZipRecruiter has seen salaries as high as $43,416 and as low as $14,177, the majority of Paraprofessional salaries are currently ranging between $20,822 (25th percentile) and $29,239 (75th percentile), with the highest earners (90th percentile) making $35,884 annually in the state of Texas.

Can a paraprofessional teach a class in Texas?

″A paraprofessional is not permitted to offer any kind of educational assistance to a student unless the paraprofessional is working directly under the supervision of a teacher in accordance with the provisions of this section.″ 20 Section 20 U.S.C.

How much does a paraprofessional make in GA?

In the state of Georgia, the hourly wage for a paraprofessional is typically around $14.82.

What is a paraprofessional certificate in Georgia?

The Paraprofessional License is conferred upon persons who are currently working in educational settings at the Pre-K through 12th-grade levels as assistant teachers. Individuals who are currently employed in the state of Georgia’s Pre-K programs as aides to teachers may be eligible for the Paraprofessional License. The use of lead is not permitted with this license.

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What is a passing score on the paraprofessional test in Florida?

The Requirements of Individual States and School Districts

State/School District Qualifying Score
Florida, Taylor County School District 460
Hawaii 459
Idaho 460
Illinois 460

How long is the ParaPro test?

What kind of questions will be asked, and how long will the test be?This examination lasts for two and a half hours and consists of ninety multiple-choice questions that include reading, writing, and mathematics.Roughly two-thirds of the questions focus on fundamental knowledge and abilities, while the remaining one-third of the questions focus on using such abilities and capabilities within the context of a learning environment.

What do I need to bring to my paraprofessional test?

What to Bring on the Day of the Test

  1. Your necessary identity, which must be current and acceptable
  2. One or two soft-lead (No. 2 or HB) pencils that have been sharpened
  3. A excellent eraser
  4. A blue or black pen

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