How To Get My Servsafe Certificate?

Students should go on to and click the Download My Certificates option in order to acquire their certificates or make a request to have one mailed to them. They will be given the choice to either download their certificates or pay a charge of $10 to have one shipped to them directly by the United States Postal Service. To view the complete response, click here.

Examinees can go on to and click the ″Download My Certificates″ option in order to acquire a certificate or place an order for one to be shipped to them. Examinees can either print their certificates from there or pay a fee of ten dollars to have them shipped to them by the United States Postal Service within eight to ten business days.

What is the passing grade for ServSafe certification?

Passing Grade. In order for students to be awarded the ServSafe Food Handler Certificate of Achievement, which indicates that they have successfully obtained a certificate, they must acquire a score of at least 75% on the associated exam.

How much does the SERVSAFE food protection certification cost?

The ServSafe Food Protection certificate may be obtained by downloading it or requesting it by mail for a charge of ten dollars.The test can be completed in a maximum of two hours.If a candidate for certification does not pass the examination, they have the opportunity to retake the examination within the next thirty days.It is possible to take the test again, but you will need to wait an additional sixty days from the time of your most recent try before doing so.

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What is a ServSafe food handler certificate?

The ServSafe Food Handler Certification certifies that an individual has a fundamental understanding of food safety and is intended for those working in employee-level food handler jobs.

How do I launch a ServSafe course?

On the ‘Take My Course’ page, all you need to do to begin the course once you have either paid for it or had it added to your ServSafe User ID is click the button labeled ‘Launch.’ If a course key has been given to you, all you need to do is enter it on the same page, in the space that has been set out for it.

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