How To Remove A Parent From A Birth Certificate?

You are required to submit a copy of certified court documents showing paternity or parentage determination along with a completed data worksheet for the new birth certificate in order to remove the name of a father or a second parent from a birth certificate. This is necessary in order to remove the name from the birth certificate.

How to remove a father who was not the biological parent from a birth certificate

  1. A record of a DNA test performed by an authorized tester
  2. An order from the court stating that the individual mentioned is not the biological father of the child
  3. Documentation that can definitively establish the identity of the child’s real biological father
  4. Additional information that suggests the man whose name is on the birth certificate might not be the child’s biological father

What are the grounds for name removal on the birth certificate?

For there to be legitimate grounds for removing a name from a birth certificate, the cause for the removal must be provided. If the biological father plans to file a petition, the first thing he needs to do is get a DNA test to disprove the notion that he is the biological father.

How can I be included as a parent on the birth certificate?

It is possible for the child’s birth certificate to list you as the child’s parent if you are the donor. In order to be included as a parent on the child’s birth certificate, you will need to get a court order stating that you are the child’s parent. BDM is able to comply with orders issued by family law courts located at either the federal or state levels of Australia.

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