Straw man birth certificate bond

The straw man was created by law shortly after you were born via the registration of the application for your birth certificate. The name for the straw man is your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. How much is a $50 savings bond worth? With a Series EE bond, you would buy a bond with a face value of $50 for just $25.

What is a strawman account?

Proponents of this scheme claim that the U.S. government or the Treasury Department control bank accounts—often referred to as “U.S. Treasury Direct Accounts”—for all U.S. citizens that can be accessed by submitting paperwork with state and federal authorities.

What is a birth Bond?

September 15, 2016 · YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE BOND IS WORTH BILLIONS. When your birth certificate was monetized and converted into a UNITED STATES Government Bond shortly after your birth by your Mother, your net worth became unlimited, into Billions of Dollars, without your, nor your Mother’s, and Father’s, knowledge.

How do I access my master strawman account?

Access Your Master Straw Man Account – AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!

  1. Once you file your UCC-1 you will get the file number create your bond with the UCC Trust Account.
  2. Send your bond to the SECRETARY OF Treasury.
  3. When you receive your green card you know they have been notified you have claimed your Birth Certificate.

What is a straw man in legal terms?

1) A person to whom title to property or a business is transferred (sometimes known as a “front”) for the sole purpose of concealing the true owner — for example, a person is listed as the owner of a bar in order to conceal a criminal who cannot obtain a liquor license.

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Which of the following is an example of a straw man fallacy?

Person A: The children’s winter concert at the school should include non-Christmas songs too. Person B: You won’t be happy until Christmas songs are banned from being played on the radio! This example of a straw man argument is related to slippery slope reasoning.

WHO issues cusips?

The CUSIP system (formally known as CUSIP Global Services)—owned by the American Bankers Association and managed by Standard & Poor’s—facilitates the clearance and settlement process of securities.

What is a Cusip number on birth certificate?

CUSIP is the acronym for the Committee on Uniform Security Identification Procedures. … Birth Certificates and Social Security Applications are converted onto Government Securities; assigned a CUSIP NUMBER; grouped into lots and then are marketed as a Mutual Fund Investment.

What’s the point of a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is required for Social Security, Medicaid, school enrollment, driver’s license, social services such as a marriage license, and more. In addition, it serves as proof of relationship to parents, which is required for child support services, inheritance, and eligibility for benefits.

How can I access my savings bonds?

Call TreasuryDirect for Assistance

Call 844-284-2676 for paper bonds, or email the organization using the company’s Contact Us for electronic EE and I bonds. When emailing through the secure site, always include your full name and Social Security number in the message box so the staff can do a search.

How do I find my TreasuryDirect account?

You’ve established a personal account with the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Be sure to check your e- mail to retrieve your TreasuryDirect account number. Note: When logging into your account, you will provide your account number and password.

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Is straw man real?

The strawman theory is recognized in law as a scam: the FBI considers anyone promoting it a likely fraudster; the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) considers it a frivolous argument and fines people that use the theory on their Federal tax returns.

What is an example of a straw man argument?

A straw man fallacy occurs when someone takes another person’s argument or point, distorts it or exaggerates it in some kind of extreme way, and then attacks the extreme distortion, as if that is really the claim the first person is making. Person 1: I think pollution from humans contributes to climate change.

What is a strawman model?

A straw-man proposal is a brainstormed simple draft proposal intended to generate discussion of its disadvantages and to provoke the generation of new and better proposals. The term is considered American business jargon, but it is also encountered in engineering office culture.

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