What Does A Certificate Of Citizenship Look Like?

The items contained in the certificate.The information that identifies the person and confirms their citizenship in the United States is included on the person’s Certificate of Citizenship.More specifically, the certificate includes the following information: Certificate number (generally a red 6- to 8-digit alpha numeric number) When the individual became a citizen; Date on which it was issued; Number assigned by USCIS for registration (A-number)

What does a citizenship certificate contain?

What Information Is Included on a Citizenship Certificate? The following information about the person holding a citizenship certificate may be seen on the certificate: The certificate number, which can be between six and eight alphanumeric digits long. The date that the person holding the certificate became a citizen.

What is the size of a naturalization certificate?

There are many different versions, but in general, it was a paper document that measured 8 by 11 inches or 712 by 8 inches and displayed the name of the applicant (and sometimes the number on the laminated certificate) as well as the date that the oath was taken, which is the date that citizenship became effective.

What documents do I need to apply for citizenship in USA?

Form N-550, Certificate of Naturalization; Form N-560, Certificate of Citizenship; Form FS-240, Report of Birth Abroad of United States Citizen; or a valid, unexpired United States passport. 1. Birth certificate indicating birth in the United States. 2. Certificate of Naturalization. 3. Certificate of Citizenship. 5. Valid, unexpired United States passport.

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