What Is A Tax Certificate Sale?

Depending on the laws and regulations of your state, a sales tax certificate may also be referred to as a reseller’s certificate, a tax-exempt certificate, or a reseller’s license. Not the sales taxes that are collected from customers is covered by a sales tax certificate, but the exemption from sales tax paid is.

Unpaid real estate taxes can result in a tax certificate being filed as a first lien on the property, which can be enforced. Investors will be able to acquire certificates by paying the tax liability as a result of the sale. The auction is run in a manner similar to a reverse auction, with participants placing bids with the goal of lowering the initial interest rate of 18 percent.

What is a tax lien sale certificate?

A tax lien sale certificate is a document that proves the holder acquired real estate at an auction designated for the purpose of selling tax liens on properties. The purchaser of a tax lien sale certificate at a public auction immediately becomes a lien holder on the property for which the certificate was acquired.

What is a tax certificate sale in Florida?

  1. In order to avoid being considered overdue, annual payments of real estate taxes are expected to be made by a particular date.
  2. When taxes reach the point of becoming overdue, the Tax Collector will organize an auction to collect the money needed to pay them.
  3. In accordance with section 197.482 of the Florida Statutes, this event is being referred to as a Tax Certificate Sale.
  4. Certificate of tax exemption has expired.

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