Language test result form or certificate number

How can I find my ielts certificate number?

It is the value printed in the field named “Test Report Form Number” at the bottom right of the official IELTS test report.

Is ielts reference number same as candidate number?

Your Candidate number would be provided to you on the day of the test at your exam center by concerned bodies. Your Ielts reference number is the one which is mentioned in the confirmation mail which you would have received when you registered for the Ielts test.

What is the ielts reference number?

Reference number:

your reference number is a 13 digit number that starts with your country code (CZ). the full name of the candidate taking the exam.

How do I check my ielts result?

You can log in to the Test Taker Portal to preview your results. IELTS Results remain online for 28 days but should not be used as an official confirmation of your performance. If you have taken the paper based test, you will be able to preview your online results after 13 calendar days from the test date.

Why can’t I see my ielts result online?

If you have taken the computer-delivered IELTS test, you can preview your results online within 2-5 days after your test date. … Your Test Centre will notify you when they become available. You’ll need your passport number, personal details, and your test date to retrieve your results.

What if I lost my ielts certificate?

Information for candidates who have taken IELTS

This will only be replaced if it is lost or damaged. To get a copy of your TRF, you will need to contact the centre where you took your test. You must put your request in writing to them and provide a copy of the ID document you used on the test day.

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What is the candidate number?

Candidate numbers are used to enable anonymous marking. Numbers are private to each individual student and must not be divulged to anyone other than an administrator dealing with exam results.

How do I find my A level candidate number?

Your candidate number appears on your individual examination timetable. Your candidate number can also be found on the Academic and Assessment Information page of Student Self Service.

Can ielts be faked?

In this method, through a fake website using a very similar address to the URL of the IELTS main website, they show a fake verification to the candidates and secure the rest of the agreed money!

What is candidate registration number in ielts?

Actually, for every candidate who has taking the IELTS test should have registration number in the test report form. A candidate who has taken IELTS test has TRF in that, we can find the full details of the candidate and also you can find the total score of the test.

How can I get my ielts TRF number online?

Log in using the username and password provided in the registration email you received. To verify a TRF, select ‘TRF Query’ from the menu on the left. In the box entitled ‘Test Report Form (TRF) Number’, enter the 15–18 digit number found in the bottom right-hand corner of every Test Report Form.

How can I check my ielts result online in USA?

If you took your test at an IELTS test center in the USA, you can preview your result at must enter your contact details in every field on the form (passport/ID number, candidate number, and you must write your name exactly as it was written when you registered (as it appears on the form …

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Is 7.5 a good score for ielts?

Good IELTS Scores for Top Universities

Standard-level IELTS scores for oxford undergrads are 7.0 for the whole test with a minimum of 6.5 for each section. … All other undergrad programs at Oxford require higher level IELTS marks: a 7.5 on the whole exam, with a 7.0 in each component.

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