Crossing the equator certificate

Crossing the Equator Certificate issued to passengers travelling on the Lloyd Triestino Line ship MV Australia on 27 February 1955. It was collected by Donald Dott during his travels between Australia and Europe in 1954-1956. Many ships such as the MV Australia carried both tourists and immigrants, and documents such as dinner menus,

What is the tradition when crossing the equator?

Baptism on the line, also called equatorial baptism, is an alternative initiation ritual sometimes performed as a ship crosses the Equator, involving water baptism of passengers or crew who have never crossed the Equator before. The ceremony is sometimes explained as being an initiation into the court of King Neptune.

What does it mean to be a Shellback?

1 : an old or veteran sailor. 2 : a person who has crossed the equator and been initiated in the traditional ceremony.

How do you become a Golden Shellback?

The shellback is simple enough: a sailor on official duty “crosses the line” of the equator. A golden shellback is more impressive; it means they’ve crossed at or near the International Date Line. Even rarer, crossing at the Prime Meridian grants you access into the Order of the Emerald Shellback.

What is King Neptune’s court?

This ceremony goes back many, many years to when ships first started crossing the Equator and involves all those who have not previously crossed the Equator by sea, or have no appropriate certificate to prove their crossing.

What happens when you cross the Equator on a ship?

When a ship crosses the equator, King Neptune comes aboard to exercise authority over his domain and to judge charges brought against Pollywogs that they are only posing as sailors and haven’t paid proper homage to the god of the sea. … For instance, the ship’s captain might play the part of King Neptune himself.

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What is the Blue Nose ceremony?

A Bluenose, sometimes incorrectly referred to as a Rednose, is simply a sailor who’s crossed the Arctic Circle, above 66°34′N. Just like crossing the equator, there’s a Line-crossing ceremony, and once you’re done, congratulations, you’re a certified Bluenose.

What does Pollywog mean?

A polliwog is a baby frog or toad. … A polliwog is another word for a tadpole, the earliest stage in the life of an amphibian. Polliwogs are aquatic, living entirely in water and propelling themselves with their tiny tails.

What tattoo do sailors get when they cross the equator?

Shellback Turtle: This is sometimes used interchangeably with King Neptune. The tattoo commemorates a sailor who has crossed the equator and been initiated into King Neptune’s Court, a line-crossing ceremony for Navy members who cross the equator for the first time.

What is the raging main?

Raging Main. All the ocean areas of the world.

What’s a Golden Shellback?

In the U.S. Navy, when a ship crosses the equator a time-honored ceremony takes place. … A Golden Shellback is one who has crossed the equator at the 180th meridian.

What is the order of the Golden Dragon?

The Order of the Golden Dragon is the Lucernian order that controls and operates the military units responsible for the protection of Lucernian officials, and many escort or bodygaurd roles.

What do crossed anchors mean?

Crossed anchors: A pair of anchors crossed on the webbing of the hand—between the thumb and index finger—meant you were a boatswain’s mate. A boatswain was the foreperson on deck, in charge of managing the crew on duty and directing any rigging, anchoring, or cabling of the ship.

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What is the Ancient Order of the Deep?

After the ceremony, the Sailors were inducted into the “Solemn Mysteries of the Ancient Order of the Deep” meaning that King Neptune had accepted them as one of his trusty shellbacks. With the pollywog to shellback transition complete, a certificate was often awarded to the new shellback as a rite of passage.

What is Imperium Neptuni Regis?

The certificate is given to those who served with the U.S. Navy during World War II. The large banner reading Imperium Neptuni Regis, translates to “The Empire of King Neptune.” The piece had become tattered, stained and yellowed due to its age.

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