Discount tire certificate worth it

Is Discount Tire replacement certificate worth it?

The certificate allows for the tires to be replace free of charge no matter what for 3 years (or down to 3/32″). … So if I keep up the same rate of damage to my new tires, it’s definitely not worth it. In addition, there is always the pro-rated tire warranty to fall back on.

What are certificates at discount tire?

This program, called the Certificate for Repair, Refund or Replacement, would cover the tire problems that really frustrate people-road hazards and defects-from the moment they bought the tires to the final mile of legal tread depth (3/32″).

Will Discount Tire replace tire for free?

If the tire becomes unsafe or unusable due to road hazard, Discount Tire Centers will replace the tire at no charge (if the tire is not worn below 3/32nds of usable tread unless it is determined after examination) that the tire can be repaired, which Discount Tire Centers will do at no charge.

Does Discount Tire have good tires?

Discount Tire Direct is another great tire retailer that allows you to shop online. You’ll always find deals and rebates available, which is a great way to get the best price. … Discount Tire Direct carries over 55 tire brands including Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Michelin and more.

Can you negotiate at Discount Tire?


Ask if there are any tire coupons or promotions and compare the cost with those online. If there price is higher ask if they can match the price or offer a better discount. Negotiating helped save Bargain Babe writer Megan $1,000 on a new car, so it’s worth the extra effort.

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Should I get certificates for tires?

If you have long daily commutes, or if you often drive on brick roads or roads with lots of potholes, you are more likely to face tire damage in the next three years. If you’ve had at least one case of non-repairable flat tires or other tire damage in the last three to five years, the Certificate may be worth it.7 мая 2020 г.

How much are Discount Tires Tire certificates?

The certificate is 15% of the cost of the tire.

What does a 60000 mile tire warranty mean?

Prorated vs.

Most tread-life warranties will not replace a prematurely worn out tire at no cost. … Let’s say you bought a tire with a 60,000 mile warranty and it wore out at 40,000 miles. That means you used 70% of the warranty mileage (40,000 ÷ 60,000 = . 70).

Do tire warranties cover punctures?

This warranty covers you for damage due to road hazards like potholes and nail punctures. Some manufacturers offer this type of warranty for the first year of a tire’s life. This type of tire warranty is most often offered by tire stores and varies from one company to another.

What does Discount Tire do for free?

Any tire rotation, balancing or rebalancing service, air pressure check or puncture repair on tires sold at Discount Tire is always free. Also, be sure to take advantage of our tire certificate program for even more peace of mind when it comes to protecting and maintaining your tires.

Does Discount Tire do free tire checks?

Visit your local Discount Tire for a complimentary air pressure check. Just look for our “free air check” sign, and a courteous staff member will be happy to properly air up your tires and inspect their tread at no charge.

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Who fixes free flat tires?

If your flat tire, run-flat tire, or underinflated tire is fixable, we’ll repair it in accordance with the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association (USTMA) guidelines at no cost to you by properly plugging or patching any punctures from the inside.

Who has the best deal on tires right now?

  • Right now we’re seeing savings on tires from several popular brands. …
  • Cooper: Up to $70 mail-in rebate. …
  • Dunlop: $100 instant savings. …
  • General: Up to $70 mail-in rebate. …
  • Goodyear: $100 instant savings. …
  • Kumho: $70 mail-in rebate. …
  • Nexen: $70 mail-in rebate. …
  • Hankook: $80 mail-in rebate.

Why are Walmart tires so cheap?

one of the other reasons why they can sell tires so cheap is that they have the tire manufacturers make lesser quality tires especially for them but keep the same tread pattern and name as their non walmart tire counterparts.

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