How Long Does It Take To Get A Birth Certificate From Vitalchek? (Best solution)

We will mail you a copy of your birth certificate in 4 to 6 weeks. You can call VitalChek at (800) 708-6733 to check on an order or if you have questions.

Is it possible to get a birth certificate through vitalchek?

  • Vitalchek does front end work and even prints express shipping labels remotely on state printers. It might be possible to obtain a birth certificate faster through Vitalchek than through direct order from the state, certainly faster than a mail in form, but in the end the state prints the certificate and mails it to you.

How long does VitalChek take to ship?

In many cases you can receive your certificate within about a week, and you can select express shipping for fast and secure delivery when time is critical.

Is VitalChek fast?

Once your vital records order is complete, it is electronically sent by the next business day to the government agency for processing. Hundreds of government agencies nationwide exclusively trust VitalChek for accepting their vital record orders. Most people place their vital records order in less than 10 minutes!

Can you trust VitalChek?

Vitalchek is a legit company. They claim to be authorized by the government to issue vital documents and to hold vital records. Vitalchek guarantees the confidentiality of the information that you share with them.

Can you overnight a birth certificate?

Then, birth certificates are shipped back overnight to the applicant by expedited birth certificate courier service for an additional fee. Using a trusted express shipping service allows you to not only receive your birth certificate faster but also to track the envelope until it safely reaches your door.

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Are VitalChek birth certificates certified?

Order official, certified vital records online – quickly and securely. For 25 years, VitalChek has been an official, government-authorized service for citizens to securely order certified birth certificates and other vital records from official government agencies nationwide.

Who owns VitalChek?

It typically takes 4 to 8 weeks to receive your certified birth certificate copy in the mail. If you need your replacement sooner, premium services such as offer a Rush Package with expedited shipping. Some states may even be able to provide a copy within 2-3 business days.

Why does Vitalchek need my Social Security number?

To protect your privacy and security, we may require you to verify your identity.

Does VitalChek give tracking number?

Once you have made your order on VitalChek, you can track it through the VitalChek website on the tab ‘Manage My Order. ‘ When you receive your Order Confirmation Email, it will include an 8-digit order number and six-digit PIN.

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