How Much Does It Cost To Get A Tefl Certificate? (Best solution)

You know you need it, but how much does TEFL certification cost? Prices vary depending on some key factors, but expect to pay about $200 for very minimal online certification and closer to $400-$500 USD for online certification of enough hours (at least 120) to qualify for most TEFL jobs.

  • In-class TEFL courses typically cost from $1,000 to $2,500 while you can get TEFL certified online already starting from $200. Choosing whether to take your TEFL course in person or online is a big decision to make, not least because in-person courses are much more expensive than online ones.

Is it worth it to get a TEFL Certificate?

Is TEFL Certification worth it? Yes. If you want to get a good teaching job and be an effective teacher for your students, then it is definitely worth it. Remember, most schools worldwide require a TEFL certification; and once you’re certified you can the ball rolling on applying and interviewing for jobs.

Can you get TEFL certified for free?

You Can Get TEFL Certified Online for FREE.

Is it hard to get a TEFL Certificate?

It is very rare for any student to fail an International TEFL Academy TEFL Certification course. International TEFL Academy has a passing rate of over 90% (one of the highest passing rates of any TEFL school worldwide).

Is an online TEFL certificate worth it?

Most schools and companies require all of their teachers to be TEFL certified, so by getting certified online, you’ll meet this requirement. With the right certification tailored to the job you want, you can even qualify for a higher starting salary, which definitely makes online TEFL certification worth it!

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Do TEFL certificates expire?

Not only does a TEFL certification not expire, it’s also accepted worldwide.

Is 120-hour TEFL enough?

120-hour TEFL course 120 hours is the industry standard. This is the minimum you should have if you want to teach English abroad or online. If you’re a native English speaker, have a degree and/or some previous teaching experience then this should be sufficient for securing work.

How much do TEFL teachers make?

So, how much do English teachers abroad get paid? Overall, a TEFL teacher’s salary can vary anywhere from $600-$4,000 USD per month.

How long does a 120 hour TEFL course take?

Depending on how the course is structured, a 120-hour TEFL course can take anywhere from one month to six months. Shorter courses are more intensive and require full-time study. Longer courses are part-time and allow time for other activities.

What is a 40 hour TEFL certificate?

The 40-Hour Basic TEFL/TESOL course provides introductory certification in teaching English to speakers of other languages, making it a good choice for prospective teachers seeking either minimal certification or a foundation for more advanced certification.

Can you fail a TEFL course?

Yes, it is possible to fail the TEFL course. There is obviously a strong academic component to TEFL courses but the vast majority of people are well able to complete the TEFL course in this sense.

How fast can I complete a TEFL course?

This intensive TEFL course can be full time (4 weeks long) or part time (3 months long) and includes six hours of assessed teaching practise to genuine EFL classes.

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Does TEFL get you a job?

According to the British council, there are 750 million EFL speakers. This combined with a shortage of English language teachers’ means good news for TEFL teachers as it shows us that TEFL jobs are available all over the world. Most people who study TEFL courses online have lots of options.

What is the most recognized TEFL certification?

1. International TEFL Academy. International TEFL Academy is one of the most prominent accredited TEFL programs in the world, offering courses in 25 locations around the world. They also offer accredited online TEFL courses for prospective teachers who feel comfortable with self-learning.

How long does it take to complete a 300 hour TEFL course?

You’ll have 175 days ( roughly 25 weeks ) to complete the course in full, including an assessment at the end of each section, so when you do reach the finish line you’ll be totally ready to put all your teaching skills into practice.

Which TEFL qualification is the best?

7 Best TEFL Courses for Teaching English Overseas

  1. i-to-i. When it comes to online TEFL courses, i-to-i is one of the best.
  2. TEFLPros.
  3. myTEFL.
  4. International TEFL Academy.
  5. Vantage.
  6. International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)
  7. The TEFL Academy.

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