How To Check Ssl Certificate Expiration Date? (Perfect answer)

Check the expiration date of an SSL certificate

  1. Open a UNIX command line window.
  2. Perform a query such as, openssl s_client -servername NAME -connect HOST:PORT 2 /dev/null | openssl x509 -noout -dates. The expiration date appears in the response as notAfter= expiration_date

How do you check your SSL certificate?

  • HERE’S HOW YOU VIEW SSL CERTIFICATE DETAILS IN INTERNET EXPLORER Step 1: Go to any SSL enabled website. Step 2: Click on the padlock from the address bar. Step 3: Click on View Certificates to check the details of the SSL certificate.

How do I check my SSL certificate details?

Chrome has made it simple for any site visitor to get certificate information with just a few clicks:

  1. Click the padlock icon in the address bar for the website.
  2. Click on Certificate (Valid) in the pop-up.
  3. Check the Valid from dates to validate the SSL certificate is current.

How do I fix SSL certificate expiry?

Steps to Fix Expired SSL Certificate:

  1. Choose the right SSL certificate for your website.
  2. Select the validity (1-year or 2-year)
  3. Click on the “Renew Now” Button.
  4. Fill up all necessary details.
  5. Click on the Continue button.
  6. Review your SSL order.
  7. Make the payment.
  8. Enroll your SSL Certificate.

How do I know if IIS has expired SSL certificate?

How to check the expiry date of the certificate?

  1. Open the IISsnap-in. Click Start > Run.
  2. Browse to the Default Web Site, right-click and then select Properties.
  3. In the Default Web Site Properties window, select the Directory Security tab.
  4. Click the View Certificate button and check the expiration date.
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How do I know when my SSL certificate expires windows?

Navigate to Security > Machine Certificates and select a certificate to check the expiry date.

How do I check SSL certificate in Chrome?

Navigate to chrome://settings and scroll down to ‘Advanced’.

  1. Under “Privacy and Security,” click “Manage Certificates.”
  2. On the popup that was launched, select “Trusted Root Certification Authorities’. The certificate will be displayed there.

How often do SSL certificates expire?

Yes, SSL/TLS Certificate expires once its validity period is over, which is from 1-2 years. No matter from whom you purchase, whether a Certificate Authority or any Reseller, the validity period remains the same.

What happens if SSL certificate expired?

When using an expired certificate, you risk your encryption and mutual authentication. As a result, both your website and users are susceptible to attacks and viruses. For example, a hacker can take advantage of a website with an expired SSL certificate and create a fake website identical to it.

How do I renew my SSL certificate for free?

Installing the Renewed Free SSL Certificate

  1. Step 1: Login to cPanel and Click “SSL/TLS” Under Security.
  2. Step 2: Click “Manage SSL sites” on the SSL/TLS Manager Page.
  3. Step 3: Under “Manage Installed SSL Websites” on the Manage SSL Hosts Page, Click on “Update Certificate” Here: Domain:

How do I know if my SSL certificate expires in Internet Explorer?

In Internet Explorer Click the Content tab, then click the Certificates button (middle of the window). In the Certificates window, click the Personal tab. Result: Your personal certificates should be listed. The expiration date is given in the column headed “Expiration Date “.

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How do I know when my PFX expires?

1 Answer

  1. Go to Tools > External Tools > Add.
  2. Set the required info: Name= CertUtil Command= C:WindowsSystem32certutil.exe Arguments= -p YourPass -dump $(ItemPath). Check Use output window.

How do I view IIS certificates?

Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager (click Start > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager). In the Connections pane, locate and click the server. In the server Home page (center pane) under the IIS section, double-click Server Certificates.

How do I know if my SSL certificate is valid Linux?


  1. All digital certificates contain an expiration date which most client and server applications will check before using the certificates contents.
  2. $ ssl-cert-check -h.
  3. To view the date when a certificate stored in the file cacert.
  4. $ ssl-cert-check -c /etc/ca/cacert.

How do I test an SSL certificate in Windows Server?

To view certificates for the current user

  1. Select Run from the Start menu, and then enter certmgr. msc. The Certificate Manager tool for the current user appears.
  2. To view your certificates, under Certificates – Current User in the left pane, expand the directory for the type of certificate you want to view.

How do I find SSL version?


  1. Launch Internet Explorer.
  2. Enter the URL you wish to check in the browser.
  3. Right-click the page or select the Page drop-down menu, and select Properties.
  4. In the new window, look for the Connection section. This will describe the version of TLS or SSL used.

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