How To Get Passport Without Birth Certificate? (TOP 5 Tips)

  • However, you can receive a passport without giving a birth certificate, as long as you give sufficient information in its place. Print and complete Forms DS-10 and DS-11. Both are available from the U.S. Department of State website. You can complete them online before printing them out, or print out the blank forms and fill in the blanks manually.

What can you use instead of birth certificate for passport?

If the birth or adoption was registered in NSW you can apply for a copy of:

  • your own birth certificate.
  • your child’s birth certificate.

How can I apply for passport if my birth certificate is not available?

If you were born in the United States and do not have a birth certificate to submit with your passport application, you may submit the Form DS-10, or a Birth Affidavit as evidence of your U.S. citizenship. The birth affidavit: Must be notarized. Must be submitted in person with Form DS-11.

Can I get passport without PSA birth certificate?

Do I need my Birth Certificate to apply for a passport? However, if you are applying for a passport for the first time, or replacing a lost passport, you need to present your original Birth Certificate issued on Security Paper from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

Do you need a birth certificate for a new passport?

You must send original documents. Photocopies are not accepted. If you do not have your original certificates (for example, your birth certificate), you need to get an official copy.

Can I get a copy of my birth certificate online?

You can get a certified copy of your birth certificate online or by visiting the birth certificate office where the person on record was born. Ordering your birth certificate online is the easiest way to order birth records.

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Can you use a Social Security card to get a passport?

Passport Services only accepts certified U.S. birth certificates issued directly by a state or local vital records office. US Driver’s License, State ID, Military/Government Issued ID Out of state IDs require supplementary information, such as a health care card, social security card, school ID, or expired ID.

Does NBI clearance needed for passport?

Valid ID You only need to bring one original and a photocopy. Voter’s ID or Voter’s Certification from the Officer of Election with Dry Seal. If presenting the Voter’s Certificate, you also need to provide NBI or police clearance.

Can I use NSO instead of PSA?

While PSA already made it clear that both NSO and PSA-issued birth certificates are technically the same and don’t expire, it is still the decision of the implementing agency if they require a PSA-issued birth certificate with the latest security paper (SECPA).

Can I get passport without birth certificate in Philippines?

However, if you are applying for a passport for the first time, or replacing a lost passport, you need to present your original Birth Certificate issued on Security Paper from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA).

What documents do I need for a passport for my child?

Required Documents Needed for a Child’s Passport

  • Complete DS-11 Application Form for New Passport.
  • Provide (2) Passport Photos.
  • Child Proof of Citizenship (Birth Certificate issued by City, County or State of birth)
  • Evidence of Parental Relationship.
  • Parental Consent (If one parent is applying)
  • Passport Fee.

Can a baby travel without a passport?

United States citizens are not required to carry a passport when traveling within the U.S. When flying domestically, the Transportation Security Administration requires all adults aged 18 and over to carry a valid federal or state-issued identification card such as a passport or driver’s license, but children and

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What should I do if I lost my passport?

Lost your passport in the UAE? If you lose your passport in the UAE, you have to apply for a new passport (to your embassy in the UAE) and have your residence visa re-stamped on your new passport. However, first report the loss or theft of the passport to the police station nearest to where the incident took place.

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