How To Install Ssl Certificate Apache? (Correct answer)

How to Install Certificates on Apache Open SSL

  1. Download your Intermediate (XYZ.
  2. Find the Apache config file to edit.
  3. Identify the SSL VirtualHost block to configure.
  4. Configure the VirtualHost block for the SSL-enabled site.
  5. Test your Apache config before restarting.
  6. Restart Apache.

How do you get a SSL certificate?

  • You can get an SSL certificate from any authorized Certificate Authority (CA) to secure the communication between two systems. There are two ways to get an SSL certificate: Buy a certificate from CA. Get a free certificate from a non-profit open CA.

How do I install my SSL certificate?

How to Install an SSL/TLS Certificate In Web Host Manager (WHM)

  1. Your server certificate. This is the certificate you received from the CA for your domain.
  2. Your intermediate certificates.
  3. Your private key.
  4. Log in to WHM.
  5. Enter Username/Password.
  6. Go to your Homepage.
  7. Click SSL/TLS.
  8. Click Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain.

How do I configure Apache to use SSL?

Enable SSL (Apache)

  1. Locate your Apache configuration file and open with a text editor. The name of your Apache configuration file depends on your system platform.
  2. Verify or update Apache’s SSL configuration file and save. Open your Apache SSL configuration file, httpd-ssl.
  3. Restart the Apache Web Server. Linux OS.

How install TLS certificate in Linux?

How to Install an SSL/TLS Certificate In Apache Open SSL

  1. Your private key. This file should be on your server, or in your possession if you generated your CSR from a free generator tool.
  2. Locate the apache config file to edit.
  3. Configure the file and enter commands.
  4. Restart Apache.
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How set SSL certificate in Linux?

Steps to Install SSL Certificate in RedHat Linux Web Server

  1. Buy/renew SSL Certificate.
  2. Generate CSR with SHA-2 algorithm.
  3. Save the CSR & Private key file on your server.
  4. Apply for SSL Certificate Issuance.
  5. Submit SSL Certificate issuance documents as per CA’s requirement (Only for Extended & Organization Validation)

How do I install an SSL certificate in Windows 10?

In the left pane of the console, double – click Certificates (Local Computer). Right-click Personal, point to All Tasks, and then select Import. On the Welcome to the Certificate Import Wizard page, select Next. On the File to Import page, select Browse, locate your certificate file, and then select Next.

How do I install SSL certificate on Chrome?


  1. Open the browser.
  2. Click Customize and control Google Chrome button in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Under Privacy and security section, click More.
  5. Click Manage certificates, The new window will appear.
  6. Choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities tab.
  7. Click Import.
  8. In the opened window, click Next.

Where is the Apache SSL configuration file?

The file may be called httpd. conf, apache2. conf or ssl. conf and may be located at /etc/httpd/, /etc/apache2/ or /etc/httpd/conf.

What is SSL conf?

# # This is the Apache server configuration file providing SSL support. # It contains the configuration directives to instruct the server how to. # serve pages over an https connection.

How do I know if Apache SSL is enabled?


  1. Connect to a Plesk server via SSH.
  2. Run the command: on CentOS/RHEL-based distributions. # grep SSLProtocol /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf. SSLProtocol +TLSv1.2. on Debian/Ubuntu-based distributions. # grep -ir SSLProtocol /etc/apache2/* /etc/apache2/mods-available/ssl.conf:SSLProtocol +TLSv1.2 +TLSv1.3.
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How can I download TLS certificate?

To download an existing TLS certificate:

  1. Go to Platform > TLS certificates.
  2. Select the subject name of the certificate you want to download.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and select Download.
  4. By default the certificate itself and any intermediate certificates are selected to be included in the download.

How import TLS certificate?

On the Settings > Inbound/Outbound > TLS Certificate page, click Import. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box. An Import Certificate area appears below the Import button. Use Browse to navigate to the certificate file.

How do I setup a TLS server?

On the General tab, click Edit next to Certificate. In the Select Certificate dialog box, click the certificate from the list that you have bought for your Terminal Server Hostname. Click OK. In the Security layer list, select SSL: This security method requires TLS 1.0 to authenticate the server.

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