How To List Coursera Certificate On Resume? (Question)

Unless there is a specific reason not to, you should list Coursera credentials in your Education section.

Education section

  1. Name. This is the official title of the course or program you completed.
  2. Education provider.
  3. Completion date.
  4. GPA (degrees only)
  5. Summary.

Does Coursera still offer a financial aid to get certificate?

  • Unfortunately, Coursera no longer offers a Coursera certificate for free. But, Coursera does have a financial aid option for those who can’t afford to pay, which takes up to 15 days to approve. Following is curated listed of highly rated and enrolled courses at Coursera.

Do Coursera certificates look good on resume?

You can list your Coursera course certificates on your CV, and you should place these certificates in the “Education” section of your CV. Some people also recommend creating an additional section in your CV under Education called “Continuing Education” where you can list the course you completed on Coursera.

How do you list certifications on a resume?

How to list certifications on a resume

  1. List the certification’s title.
  2. Include the name of the host organization.
  3. List the date you earned the certification.
  4. List the prospective earn date.
  5. Provide details on the associated skills.

Can you put Coursera on college resume?

You can include it in the education section of your resume. This is a great way to show employers that you are in a continuous learning mode. List it just as you would your formal education by including the title of the course, when you completed it and where (Coursera).

Are Coursera certificates Recognised?

Official certifications: Coursera provides accredited certificates that are recognised by employers. Its programs are broken down into 6 types; Courses, Guided Projects, Specializations, Professional Certificate, Mastertrack Certificate and Online Degrees which are taught by top instructors from renowned universities.

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Can you get a job with Coursera certificate?

Find the right Professional Certificate program for you Professional Certificates on Coursera help you get job-ready for an in-demand career field in less than a year. Earn a career credential, apply your knowledge to hands-on projects that showcase your skills for employers, and get access to job search resources.

How do I list my Coursera on LinkedIn?

The first option to list your courses in is under the certification section. This is the recommended method by providers such as Coursera and EdX as it is integrated in the platforms.

What kind of certifications look good on a resume?

Seven certifications that add big value to your resume

  • Project Management. Aside from IT, project managers work in engineering, healthcare, and construction.
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional.
  • CPA.
  • Process Management.
  • Medical Coder.
  • Exercise Physiologist.
  • Actuary.

How do I add a coursera certificate to LinkedIn?

Share your Course Certificate on LinkedIn

  1. Log into your Coursera account.
  2. Open your Accomplishments page.
  3. Under the Certificate you want to share on your LinkedIn profile, click Add to LinkedIn.
  4. Follow the instructions to copy and paste your Certificate information to your LinkedIn profile.

How do you put online certification on a resume?

If you want to include any online courses you have taken on your resume, you can use the following steps to incorporate this training:

  1. Focus on relevant coursework.
  2. Choose your placement.
  3. List the courses.
  4. Include completion dates.
  5. Summarize your learning.
  6. Example 1: Listing online classes in the education section.

Is Coursera certificate valid in India?

Coursera is a recognised website and has good courses. The courses are valid across the Globe. The paid certificates do definitely carry a weightage. And when you have a certification in any subject or course, it gives added value to your CV.

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Which is best edX or Coursera?

What are the most significant differences between Coursera and edX? Topics: Both platforms offer a diverse range of subjects. However, Coursera focuses more on professional training, for example computer science and business degrees. EdX offers numerous courses in the humanities and the natural sciences.

Do Coursera certificates expire?

The answer is: Coursera certificates do not expire due to time passing. because while it is true that Coursera certificates do not expire, there are still situations that can occur that can cause your certificates to be revoked.

Can Coursera detect cheating?

In response to this need, Coursera has developed a suite of academic integrity features that will help institutions deliver a high level of academic integrity by 1) deterring and detecting cheating and 2) accurately assessing student mastery of the material they’re learning with private assessments.

Do colleges accept Coursera credits?

But that changed today, as Coursera announced this morning that five of its courses have been approved for “credit equivalency” by the American Council on Education (ACE). This means that students who complete these five courses can receive college transfer credit at institutions that accept ACE recommendations.

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