How To Look Up My Hha Certificate? (Solution)

How much training to be a HHA?

  • Commit to four weeks of training without any absences
  • After successful completion of the program can work a 30 hour work week
  • Are available to work days,evening and every other weekend upon request
  • Can pass a criminal background check,physical,and toxicology screening
  • Can demonstrate these core values: integrity,caring,diversity and caring

How do I get a copy of my home health aide certificate?

A. Yes. The aide should request a duplicate certificate from the training program that issued the original certificate. If the training program has closed, or refuses to provide a duplicate, the aide may phone the Help Desk at 877-877-1827.

Does a HHA certificate expire?

Home health aide training programs are required to maintain records for six years of those aides who received certificates upon successful completion of their program.

How do I renew my HHA license in Indiana?

There is no fee to renew a HHA registration. Individuals renew their aide registration through the Online Licensing System. You must create your login credentials using the Register a Person option. If your registration is in Registry History status, please contact the Registry at [email protected] for information.

How do I get my home health aide license in Indiana?

A person must have at least 75 hours of education to work for a Medicare-certified home health agency; this includes, at minimum, 16 hours of supervised practical training. The practical training will begin only after the individual has at least 16 hours of classroom education (

Can I get my HHA certificate online?

Important: Care Star Learning essentially is a provider of online courses for Home Health Aide Agencies and allows you to obtain your home health aide certificate online. HHA Agencies have to follow state and federal training requirements.

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How can I get my CNA license for free?

Your local Red Cross may offer free CNA training as well as nursing homes, long-term healthcare facilities, and other job corp resources. The courses and resources available will all vary by state. The free CNA training programs are a risk-free way to discover if the job is for you.

Does HHA certification expire in Florida?

Type of Certification This certificate expires and needs to be renewed every 24 months. There is no registry in Florida for HHAs.

What is HHA Certification?

The HHA certification exam is designed to evaluate the knowledge, skills and abilities required to safely perform the job of a home health aide. The evaluation consists of two main parts: a written and a hands-on (clinical), skills examination.

How do I become a private home health aide?

You typically need a high school diploma or GED certificate and relevant experience. Depending on your client or patient, you may also need to be bilingual. Some HHAs have advanced training or education, such as vocational school training or volunteer work at an assisted living home or hospital.

How do I lookup my CNA license in Indiana?

To verify your CNA certification in Indiana, simply go to Just enter search criteria in the tool to start your search (enter data in any field and the tool will search with whatever information you provide).

How do I check the status of my CNA license?

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to verify your CNA status is to look it up online. To do this, you will first go to the CNA online registry for your state. At this site, you will be able to do a CNA license look up. You will simply enter your first and last name.

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Do you have to be certified to be a home health aide?

There is no formal education requirement (including a high school diploma) to secure a position as an HHA, although certificate and training courses are available from many postsecondary institutes. Some HHA and hospice agencies, however, may require a high school diploma from their employees.

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