National career readiness certificate

The National Career Readiness Certificate is awarded at four different levels, based on the scores achieved for each assessment: Platinum: Scores of level 6 or higher on all exams, which reflects skills required for roughly 99% percent of the jobs listed in the ACT JobPro database.

What is the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate?

The ACT WorkKeys National Career Readiness Certificate (ACT WorkKeys NCRC®) is an assessment-based credential issued at four levels. The NCRC measures and certifies the essential work skills needed for success in jobs across industries and occupations.

How do I get my WorkKeys certificate?

To earn the National Career Readiness Certificate® (NCRC®), you must successfully complete the WorkKeys assessments in Applied Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents. WorkKeys offers additional assessments to measure interests, values and behaviors that can lead to greater job satisfaction.

What is a career readiness certificate?

The National Career Readiness Certificate is a portable, nationally recognized credential that can help individuals get the job they want. Based on the proven ACT WorkKeys® system the NCRC gives job seekers proof of their workplace skills.

Does NCRC expire?

Does the NCRC expire? No, each NCRC includes a date of issuance and does not expire. Generally, certificates should be renewed after five years. The skills measured by any credential tend to change with time.

What is a good score on WorkKeys?

Silver – Test takers must earn a level score of 4 or better on each test. Gold – Test takers must earn a level score of 5 or better on each exam. Platinum – Test takers must earn a level score of 6 or better on each exam.

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How long does the NCRC test take?

There are three different ways to do the NCRC testing: Computer– 55 minutes. Paper & Pencil – 45 minutes.

Is WorkKeys test hard?

Taking tests can be boring and tedious — but it also can lead to a job. High school students and adults take the WorkKeys tests to certify they have the skills necessary to apply for jobs in particular fields. Many adults have difficulty with the math portion of the WorkKeys test.

How much does WorkKeys cost?

The cost is @ $20.00.

Does the WorkKeys Test expire?

Do Workkeys Scores Expire? Workkeys scores are valid for three years from the date the exam is taken.

What are career readiness skills?

Career readiness is the attainment and demonstration of requisite competencies that broadly prepare college graduates for a successful transition into the workplace. These competencies are: Critical Thinking/Problem Solving: Exercise sound reasoning to analyze issues, make decisions, and overcome problems.

What are the 3 groupings of employability skills for career readiness?

What Are Employability Skills and Characteristics?

  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills.
  • Communication skills.
  • Leadership.
  • Initiative.
  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Interpersonal skills.

What does a platinum WorkKeys score mean?

Platinum Level Signifies an individual has scored at least a Level 6 on each of the three assessments and has the necessary skills for 99% of the jobs in the WorkKeys Job Pro database.

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