Pre-licensing course certificate (mv-278)

How do I get MV 278?

How do I order Pre-licensing Course Completion Certificates?

  1. complete the appropriate Pre-licensing Course Completion Certificate order form. …
  2. submit class rosters (MV-278.5N) accounting for Pre-licensing Course Completion Certificates issued since their last order to the appropriate DMV office below.

Where can I take the 5 hour pre licensing course in NYC?

Many locations offering the 5-hour pre-licensing course in NYC, such as Drive Rite Academy, allow walk-ins with no appointment necessary. However, all course providers require that each student possess a valid New York learner’s permit to register and take the course.

Where can I get a MV 285 certificate?

If you are in school in New York, you may opt to take a driver’s education course through your high school or college. In order to be awarded the Form MV-285, you must take a class that includes at least 24 hours of classroom training and 24 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction.

What is the difference between MV 278 and MV 285?

If you complete a driver education course through a high school or a college, you will receive a Student Certificate of Completion (form MV-285). This certificate is valid for two years. If you complete a pre-licensing course, you receive a Pre-Licensing Course Completion Certificate (form MV-278).

Is the 5 hour course mandatory in NY?

The state of New York requires that all new drivers under the age of 18 complete an approved 5-hour driver education course (also called a Pre-Licensing Course). The standardized curriculum will give you all the information about New York driving laws and safe driving habits you’ll need to know.

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How long is a 5 hour course certificate good for in NY?

one year

What is drive education?

Driver’s education (or driver education) is intended to supplement the knowledge obtained from government-printed driving handbooks or manuals and prepares students for tests to obtain a driver’s license or learner’s permit. In-car instruction places a student in a vehicle with an instructor.

Can you get a permit at 15 in NY?

If you are a new driver, getting a learner permit is the first step to get a NYS driver license. You need to know what you need to bring to an office before you apply. You must be age 16 or over to apply for a learner permit.

Do you have to wait 6 months to get your license if your 17 in NY?

After having held a learner’s permit for at least 6 months, you may apply for a junior driver’s license. You must also have completed a pre-licensing course and 50 hours of practice driving. … You may not drive with more than one unrelated passenger under 21.

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