Visible distinguishing mark of the oci certificate holder

What should I put for visible identification marks?

When I form asks about ‘visible identification marks’, it generally means, tattoos, moles, birthmarks, scars etc. This is so you can be identified if you are in an accident (or worse), go missing and a description is required or you are arrested etc. The location of these would be on your face, neck, arms & legs.

Should OCI documents be self attested?

OCI Application Documents in USA. For OCI application in USA, you must send one set of all application forms and required documents, except two copies of the document. … All photocopies must be self-attested with a statement that “This is a true copy of the original” and your signature.

How can I add my signature in OCI?

  1. It is mandatory to upload Applicant’s image and Applicant’s signature image during OCI-Registration.
  2. Both the images must be in jpeg or jpg format, with max size 500kb.
  3. The height and width of the Applicant Photo must be equal. …
  4. The height and width of the Signature Photo must have aspect ratio 1:3.

What does OCI look like?

Physical appearance. The OCI document is a passport-like document (though it is not a passport). … OCI Cards were formerly printed with a separate lifelong “U” Visa Sticker (which was pasted on the applicant’s passport). The proof of lifelong visa is now just the OCI Card which has a “Life Time Visa” printed on it.

What is visible distinguishing mark in passport application?

Visible distinguishing mark means any mark on the body by birth, birthmark or any indelible scar etc. (normally visible) which helps in identifying a person easily. You can write “NONE”, in case you don’t have a distinguishing mark. Please do not write such marks which are not ordinarily visible.

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What is permanent identification mark?

These include features such as birthmarks, moles, body piercings, tattoos, and scars. … Generally, a tattoo is a permanent feature and it might be possible to identify a suspect by looking for a record of the tattoo in police records.

How long will it take to get OCI card in USA?

80 days

Can we apply OCI while in India?

Yes, for the period OCI is living in India. 29. … As per the provisions of section 5(1) (g) of the Citizenship Act, 1955, a person who is registered as an OCI for 5 years and is residing in India for 1 year out of the above 5 years, is eligible to apply for Indian Citizenship.

What are the documents required for OCI?

The following list of documents will be required while applying for OCI card for foreign spouse of Indian origin:

  • Affidavit in Lieu of Originals.
  • OCI Application Form.
  • Photograph.
  • Additional particulars Form.
  • Current US/ Foreign Passport.
  • Marriage Certificate (Must be married for at least two years)

Can you travel to India with OCI on old passport?

Travellers holding OCI cards are required to carry their OCI card and foreign passport for travel to India. … As such they are allowed to travel to India with their new passport along with old passports/cancelled passports. Entry is NOT allowed, if travellers are not carrying OCI card along with their foreign passport.

What is parental authorization for OCI minor?

What documents should be notarized for OCI card? Copy of the parents’ OCI cards. Any other document that proves the Indian citizenship of the parents/grandparents such as notarized copy of school certificate or land ownership certificate.

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What happens if OCI is not renewed?

Travelers to India Being Turned Away If OCI Not Renewed

Not having matching passport numbers on the OCI card and passports can be cause for refusal to board international flights or even to return mid-flight without being allowed to enter India.

Can OCI get Aadhar?

“Aadhaar Card enrolment is presently available to residents in India. OCI cardholders who stay in India for a long time (over 182 days in 12 months immediately preceding the date of application for enrolment) and have an Indian address can also enrol for Aadhaar.”

What are the disadvantages of OCI card?

Ther are no disadvantages of OCI, it is the closest thing to dual citizenship India offers so if eligible just take it. After getting OCI be aware that you cannot visit very few restricted areas without a permit e.g. Kashmir, Andamans etc.

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