What Are Certificate Of Need (con) Programs What Purpose Do They Serve?

Certificate of Need (CON) laws are state regulatory mechanisms for establishing or expanding health care facilities and services in a given area. In a state with a CON program, a state health planning agency must approve major capital expenditures for certain health care facilities.

What does a certificate of need ( CON ) mean?

  • Certificate of Need (CON) laws are state regulatory mechanisms for establishing or expanding health care facilities and services in a given area. In a state with a CON program, a state health planning agency must approve major capital expenditures for certain health care facilities.

What are con programs?

A certificate of need (CON) program is a state regulatory tool that controls the number of health care resources in an area. CON laws require a hospital or health system to demonstrate community need before establishing or expanding a health care facility or service.

What is a medical certificate of need?

A Certificate of Need (“CON”) is a formal permit issued by a state department of health or other state regulatory agency and grants a company or organization the ability to provide specific healthcare services.

How do I get a certificate of need?

In order to obtain a CON, developers of healthcare facilities must apply to the local governmental authorities by making the case for why the community in question would benefit from that new development. However, the exact criteria used to determine whether an application is approved can differ widely between states.

What is a written certification of need?

A certificate of need (CON), in the United States, is a legal document required in many states and some federal jurisdictions before proposed acquisitions, expansions, or creations of healthcare facilities are allowed.

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What was the purpose of certificate of need CON laws quizlet?

Certificate of Need (C.O.N.) programs are aimed at restraining health care facility costs and allowing coordinated planning of new services and construction. Laws authorizing such programs are one mechanism by which state governments seek to reduce overall health and medical costs.

Does Alabama require a certificate of need?

Since 1979, Alabama has restricted the supply of health care with certificate -of-need (CON) programs. These programs prohibit health care providers from entering new markets or making changes to their existing capacity without first gaining the approval of state regulators.

What does Con mean in medical terms?

certificate of need (CON) a document issued by a health systems agency or local health planning agency, giving formal permission for construction and modification of health agencies, major equipment expenditures, or new health services. An institution or individual health care provider can apply for such a certificate.

What is a certificate of necessity?

Definition of certificate of necessity: a document issued by a certifying government agency under authority of which the internal revenue service allows deductions from taxable income for accelerated amortization of all or a part of the cost of emergency facilities.

What is the con act?

The Consolidated Farm and Rural Development Act of 1972 or Con Act (P.L. 92-419) authorized a major expansion of USDA lending activities, which at the time were administered by Farmers Home Administration (FmHA). The legislation was originally enacted as the Consolidated Farmers Home Administration Act of 1961 (P.L.

What is a Certificate of Need NY?

New York’s Certificate of Need (CON) process governs establishment, construction, renovation and major medical equipment acquisitions of health care facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, home care agencies, and diagnostic and treatment centers.

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Do certificate of need laws still make sense in 2019?

Twelve studies estimate the effects of CON on spending per patient or per citizen. Of these, seven find that CON is associated with higher spending, two find no statistically-significant effect, and two find that it is associated with higher spending in some areas and lower spending in others.

What is the main purpose of the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality?

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s (AHRQ) mission is to produce evidence to make health care safer, higher quality, more accessible, equitable, and affordable, and to work within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and with other partners to make sure that the evidence is understood and used.

What is certificate of need in economics?

Certificate of Need (CON) is a regulation that limits health care supply unless state health care planners determine a specific “need.” Based on the theory that the economics of health care is unlike any other market, CON laws use central planning to try to reduce health care costs by keeping health care facilities

In what year did federal law dictate that states require a certificate of need con to approve capital expenditures associated with construction or expansion of hospitals?

The first certificate of need law was enacted in New York in 1964. The American Hospital Association promoted the idea and “started a national campaign for states to generate their own CON laws.” Between 1964 and 1972, 18 other states passed similar legislation.

What is a Certificate of Need Georgia?

The Certificate of Need (CON) program is how the state of Georgia evaluates the need for new hospitals or clinics. Without a CON, hospitals or clinics can’t open their doors or expand. James said hospitals only have a few F-150-like services of their own, such as outpatient surgery.

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