What Is A Certificate Of Attainment? (Question)

Certificates of Attainment are issued to graduates who pass Exemplar Global recognized training and qualifications. The certificates issued can be used by graduates, as evidence of meeting specific performance criteria set by Exemplar Global and can be submitted when applying for personnel certification.

What should be included in a certificate of attainment?

  • A Certificate of Attainment includes the following information: Competency Unit (s) attained by the graduate and the date the competency was examined; Name and signature of the authorized representative (s) of the Training Provider; Equivalent Continued Professional Development Hours Training Provider’s name as certified by Exemplar Global;

Is a certificate of attainment a diploma?

The state-endorsed credential is not equivalent to a high school diploma. It is, however, intended to make available further educational, job training and employment options for students.

What does a statement of attainment mean?

Statements of Attainment (NRT) – Although itself not an AQF course, a Statement of Attainment is a record of completion of one or more units of competency from an AQF course, so is nationally recognised. These short courses can help you develop extra skills or prepare you for further study.

Is a statement of attainment the same as a certificate?

More simply, a Statement of Attainment is proof you’ve completed certain UOCs, while a Certificate is proof you’ve completed a full qualification.

Is a statement of attainment the same as a white card?

The Statement of Attainment in Construction Entry Level (White Card) prepares you to receive a white card and complete safe and compliant work in construction sites across NSW. This is a fully government subsidised JobTrainer course.

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Can I get a job with a certificate of completion?

Many educational institutions offer certificates of completion to meet the demand of the job market. These certificates can attract employers and help you get a job – particularly if the job requires some education, but not a degree.

Is a level equivalent to high school diploma?

The Cambridge AICE Diploma would typically be completed by the final year of high school. AS and A Levels are at a higher academic level than the high school diploma, and thus university credit may be awarded for A Levels completed as part of the Cambridge AICE Diploma by American and Canadian Universities.

Is a certificate of attainment?

Statements of attainment are documents (like a certificate) that show the units of competency that a student completes as part of a nationally recognised course. Unfortunately, we can’t call them certificates because ‘certificates’ are a different type of qualification in vocational training.

What is associate diploma equivalent to?

Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate degree Courses at Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Associate degree level take between two to three years to complete, and are generally considered to be equivalent to one to two years of study at degree level.

How do you find the statement of attainment?

Home > Certificate Help > How do I get my Statement of Attainment? Once your assessor has marked you as competent, your Statement of Attainment will be emailed to the email address you provided in the setup of your account. Make sure you check your junk email box as this is an automated email sent from our system.

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How do I get a copy of my TAFE transcript NSW?

In the Learner Portal you may:

  1. view your current and past study records and results.
  2. check and update your current contact details.
  3. request an official TAFE NSW transcript of your results (academic transcripts).

What is a TAFE diploma equivalent to?

Diploma courses teach skills in professional, technical or creative fields. Advanced Diploma courses teach high-level skills in technical, professional and creative fields. Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma courses are equivalent to a university degree with Honours.

Is white card online legit?

Whitecardonlinenow is a scam do not enroll This company issues fake certificates on payment at the completion of the online course but as they are not an approved training provider, nor a registered TAFE college nor an industry based training centre they can not issue numbered white cards to take on site.

Can I do my white card online in NSW?

New South Wales Government (SafeWork NSW) Approved Until recently it was not possible to do your White Card course online in NSW. However, Express Online Training has been approved by SafeWork NSW to deliver the White Card Course via connected online classroom during the COVID-19 crisis.

Do white cards expire NSW?

The white card becomes void if you haven’t carried out construction work for two consecutive years or more.

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