What Is Clc Certificate? (Question)

CLC is the College Leaving Certificate. It is the same as Transfer Certificate.

What is a CLC certificate?


  • CLC certification means that a person has received training and competency verification in breastfeeding and human lactation support, including assessing the latching and feeding process, providing corrective interventions, counseling mothers, understanding and applying knowledge of milk production including in special circumstances and other

Why CLC is required?

The certificate is usually valid for the period of one year from 20th of February of each year. The CLC certificate also plays one important benefit both for ship owners and the claimant. The claim for the pollution damage can be brought directly against the insurer or person providing the financial security.

What is CLC certificate in shipping?

Civil Liability Certificate (CLC)

What is CLC Maritime?

The Civil Liability Convention was adopted to ensure that adequate compensation is available to persons who suffer oil pollution damage resulting from maritime casualties involving oil-carrying ships.

What is blue card CLC?

CLC BLUE CARD It introduced a system to determine the liability of tanker owners (as described below) for oil pollution damage. It is issued by the ship’s P&I insurer to the Flag State registry and they, in turn, issue a CLC Certificate to the registered owner of the tanker.

What is SDR CLC?

In cases when the shipowner is deemed guilty of fault for an instance of oil pollution, the convention does not cap liability. When the shipowner is not at fault, the convention caps liability at between 3 million special drawing rights (SDR) for a ship of 5,000 GT to 59.7 million SDR for ships over 140,000 GT.

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Is CLC and TC same?

Yes, both are the same which are issued by school/ college when you leave school/ college and go for further studies or change the school/ college.

What is a bunker CLC certificate?

CLC: Certificate of Insurance or Other Financial Security in respect of Civil Liability for Oil Pollution Damage. Bunkers Cert.: Certificate of Insurance or Other Financial Security in respect of Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage.

How do I apply for college CLC?

Most respectfully, this is stated that I have been studying under your kind control since (Date). Currently, I’m continuing my (Educational degree name) which is going to end in (Date). Recently I get an opportunity to admission in a foreign university (Name). It is a great opportunity for my higher studies and future.

Is HNS convention in force?

The transport of hazardous and noxious substances (HNS) by sea is a vital trade. The current HNS Convention was adopted in 2010, amending a previous instrument that had been adopted in 1996. However, the 2010 HNS Convention has still not entered into force; States must ratify it before this can happen.

What are the chapters of Solas?

Structure of the SOLAS Convention

  • Chapter I – General Provisions.
  • Chapter II-1 – Construction – Subdivision and stability, machinery and electrical installations.
  • Chapter II-2 – Fire prevention, fire detection and fire extinction.
  • Chapter III – Lifesaving appliances and arrangements.
  • Chapter IV – Radio communications.

What is supplementary fund?

The Supplementary Fund Protocol The Supplementary Fund provides additional compensation beyond the amount available under the 1992 Fund Convention in 1992 Fund Member States which are also Parties to the Protocol.

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What is wreck removal certificate?

The Convention makes shipowners financially liable and require them to take out insurance or provide other financial security to cover the costs of wreck removal. It also provides States with a right of direct action against insurers. The Convention applies to all vessels of 300 gross tonnage and above.

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