Where Can I Translate My Marriage Certificate? (Solution)

  • You may email your marriage certificate (Scan copy or good quality image) directly to [email protected] or fill out one of the contact forms on our website! Alternatively, give a member of our team a call on 020 8677 3775 to discuss the translation.

How can I get my marriage certificate translated?

To certify a translation, the translation company should confirm in writing on the translation:

  1. that it’s a ‘true and accurate translation of the original document’
  2. the date of the translation.
  3. the full name and contact details of the translator or a representative of the translation company.

How much does it cost to translate a marriage certificate?

Some translation companies claim that marriage certificate translation is only $25, but then they actually charge $50 if the document has over 200 words, which is the case for most marriage certificates. Additionally, most translation companies charge extra for the shipping of hard copies and certification.

Can a notary translate a marriage certificate?

In this case, you will have to submit the original marriage certificate to the notary, who knows the language it is written in, so that the notary can translate the marriage certificate and notarize the translation.

Do I need a translated marriage certificate?

Marriage certificate translations are commonly required for official situations where you need to prove your identity and marital status, such as opening bank accounts, applying for mortgages, court cases, legally changing your name, divorces, visa applications and more.

How much does it cost to translate a document?

What is the average cost to translate a legal document in 2021? Legal translation costs are calculated on the total word-count, not the number of pages; however, nationally, the average legal document translation cost is around $0.14 to $0.18 per word for court document translations.

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How can I translate my marriage certificate in Arabic?


  1. The first step is the attestation from the Home department of certificate issued country or the native country of the certificate.
  2. Second is attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country.
  3. Confirmation and legalization by the UAE Embassy.

Do I need to be certified to translate documents?

In the United States, anyone can certify a translation. A translator does not need to be certified in order to provide a certified translation. That is why translation companies can certify translations provided by their employees or freelance translators.

Who can translate legal documents for Uscis?

Who is qualified to translate a foreign-language document into English? Any person who considers themselves competent in both English and the document’s original language (such as Mandarin or Spanish) can be the certified translator. (See below for a full explanation of the certification requirement.)

Does Uscis require notarized translation?

Notarization. Your USCIS translations of birth certificates and other documents must be certified, but they do not necessarily have to be notarized. According to the official rules of the government, a translation does not need notarization. It may be required when sending documents from abroad.

Can you translate your own documents?

The translator must include their certification along with their name, signature, address, and date of translation with the documents. It’s unethical to translate your own documents in these cases, too, even if you were a certified legal translator.

How do you notarize a translation?

To get a translation notarized, a notary public must swear that the translator’s identity is true. The notary public then signs and puts their official seal on the affidavit. At no point in this process does the notary public verify the professional translators’ work. Instead, they verify the translator’s identity.

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Is Rush translate legit?

Rush Translate will translate absolutely everything in your original document without losing any details, including barcodes, stamps, small numbers, pages They are really good and very responsive. The original translation also arrived on time by mail with their seal and signature of the translator.

What is a certificate of translation?

The certificate of translation is an official statement in which a translator confirms that he has accurately translated the document into the target language.

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