What Is A Condo Resale Certificate?

A resale certificate is a document that a unit owner must provide to the purchaser before they can sell their condominium unit. Any unit owner who wishes to sell his or her unit needs to be aware of the resale certificate requirements.

  • A resale certificate is a set of documents that a Seller provides to a Buyer when making an offer on a condominium unit. These documents contain important information about the Homeowners Association (HOA), total number of units, budget, meeting minutes from the HOA’s most recent meeting, outstanding debt against the unit, rental policy and

Who pays for the resale certificate?

All fees are paid at closing, and can be paid for by either the buyer or seller. Since the HOA’s property management company handles the accounts for the association, it will complete the certificate as a service to its clients.

What is a resale certificate?

A resale certificate indicates the item was in good faith that the purchaser would resell the item and report tax on the final sale. As a seller, you may also accept resale certificates from others who wish to purchase items for resale.

How much is a HOA resale certificate in Texas?

The resale certificate will cost typically no less than $150.00. The money must be paid in advance. The management company and or if self managed by the property owners association are protected; they have up until 10 days after being paid to produce the resale certificate.

What is a resale fee?

A resale fee is also often called a transfer fee. It’s an amount charged when a home in an HOA is sold, with the fee going to the HOA.

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What is the resale package?

A Resale Package is a packet of important information that is provided to a buyer of a home that is within a community association.

What do you mean by resale?

1: the act of selling again usually to a new party. 2a: a secondhand sale. b: an additional sale to the same buyer.

How much is a resale certificate in Florida?

How much does a Florida Resale Certificate cost? Online registration is free, however t​​​h​​​ere is a $5 fee to register by mail.

How do I find my resale certificate?

To find the resale certificate for a specific state, you can visit the Department of Revenue website for that state. Alternately, you can perform a Google search for the state’s resale certificate.

What is Texas Resale Certificate?

The resale certificate is the seller’s evidence as to why sales tax was not collected on that transaction and should be retained in the seller’s books and records for four years.

What is a HOA certification fee?

The HOA transfer fee covers all costs that the HOA will incur when transferring the ownership records from the seller to the buyer. These are charges associated with preparing and distributing documents, updating names in databases, changing security codes and amenities pass, and other administrative costs.

What is a resale disclosure?

The resale disclosure certificate required under MCIOA sets forth basic information about the association that sellers must provide to buyers, including information about the association’s finances and operations.

What is HOA certification?

HOA Certification, or Home Owner’s Association Certification, is designed to protect buyers and lenders based on the current status of a particular area. The certification provides the buyer with all the information about the Home Owner’s Association involved with the property the person is acquiring.

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When can you buy resale packages?

Generally speaking, the resale package is ordered by either the buyer or seller after the purchase contract is signed. Sometimes, the seller will have much of the information, such as governing documents, available and share that with the buyer ahead of the contract being signed.

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